Objects & Places from Jazmin's Notebook

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The Apartment Building Stoop - Jazmin would often sit on this object and watch the bustling neighborhood.

Jazmin's Notebook - This object replaces Jazmin's nonexistant photo album.

Amsterdam Avenue - The apartment building in which CeCe and Jazmin live is located on this object.

The Garden of Eden Bar & Grill - Jazmin and CeCe's apartment building is wedged between a laundromat and this object.

Washington Heights - Jazmin and CeCe live in a crime ridden area called this.

New York City - This city is the backdrop of the story of "Jazmin's Notebook".

Central Park - Jazmin is in this area one day when she is inspired to write a poem. She has a pen but no paper. After asking several people for a piece of paper with no success, she digs in a trash can in the park for a piece of paper. Passersby think she...

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