Jazmin's Notebook Character Descriptions

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Jazmin - This is the main character and narrator of the book.

CeCe - This character is Jazmin's older sister.

Jazmin's Mother - This character suffers from depression, alcoholism and eventually a mental breakdown.

Jazmin's Father - This character loved jazz music and named his youngest daughter Jazmin with the letter z to honor that passion.

Aunt Sarah - This character lives in the same apartment building as Jazmin and CeCe. She's not really Jazmin's aunt but Jazmin wishes she was. The warm embrace she always gives Jazmin gives her great comfort.

Sophie - This character is Jazmin's Jewish friend. Jazmin sees a connection between the struggles of the blacks and those of the Jews.

Destinee - This character plays hooky with Jazmin one day and they find themselves in a dangerous situation where kids are snorting cocaine and drinking alcohol. They vow to not repeat the...

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