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Chapter 1: April 7

• In this section of her journal, Jazmin describes the origin of her name.

Chapter 2: The Garden of Eden

• Jazmin's apartment is between a laundromat and a bar and grill.

• Jazmin wears glasses, has skinny legs and believes she is unattractive..

Chapter 3: Amsterdam Avenue

• Jazmin sits on her front stoop because there is more room there than in the apartment.

• Jazmin finds herself staring at J.D.'s shirt.

• Although there seems to be room for everything on Amsterdam Avenue, there is no room for bookstores or libraries.

Chapter 4: 42nd Street Library

• Jazmin's opening poem betrays her love of books.

• Aunt Sarah is not Jazmin's real aunt, but is kind to her and bring the sisters food when CeCe is low on cash.

• Every time Jazmin sees a man wearing a beret, she is reminded of her father who was killed in a car crash a year...

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