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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 27 and 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what amount does Jayber buy the barber shop?
(a) $25.
(b) $1,000.
(c) $300.
(d) $750.

2. What other job does Jayber take on after Stanley's death?
(a) Asst. football coach.
(b) Gas station attendant.
(c) Church custodian.
(d) Hardware store manager.

3. Why does Jayber enjoy cutting the hair of the older men?
(a) They have great stories.
(b) They always send their friends to see him.
(c) They are not too fussy about their hair.
(d) They have thinner hair.

4. Which of the following does NOT describe Mattie?
(a) Present.
(b) Whole.
(c) Cunning.
(d) Clear.

5. Ray Overhold's climbs a tree to avoid being caught by his wife, _____________.
(a) Aggie.
(b) Cecelia.
(c) Sara.
(d) Madge.

Short Answer Questions

1. With What does Jayber struggle regarding the church?

2. Who cuts Jayber's hair?

3. What does Jayber never forget about a girl he never sees again?

4. Who are Jayber's aunt and uncle's neighbors and good friends?

5. Who does Mattie Keith marry?

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