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Port William - This is a very small town on a river in a rich agricultural area of Kentucky.

Port William Barber Shop - Jayber Crow works in this simple two-story building and his living quarters are on the top floor.

Goforth - Jayber Crow was born in this tiny rural settlement along the same river where Port William and Squires Landing are located.

Grandstand - This is an obscure location in the woods outside of Port William where the men of the town meet to get drunk, hunt, talk freely, play cards and hang out.

The Good Shepherd - This is an orphanage in central Kentucky where young Jonas Crow is sent when his guardians pass away.

Piegeonville College - Jayber Crow attends this institution on a scholarship in order to enter the ministry.

Lexington - After leaving Pigeonville College, Jayber finds a job at the...

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