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Chapters 1 and 2

• Jayber Crow's barber shop has been located in Port William, Kentucky for 32 years.

• Jayber started his business during the Depression and he is a respected figure in town.

• Jayber keeps his own hours and the barber shop is a social center of the town, especially for the men.

• Jayber recalls humorous stories of the townspeople but especially recalls watching Mattie Keith walking home from high school.
• Jayber, known as J since the age of ten, and now named Jayber by his customers, feels he is a possession of Port William.

• Jonas (Jayber) was born in nearby Goforth in 1914 and fondly recalls his mother's singing and his father's blacksmith shop.

• Jonas is sent to live with his Aunt Cordie and Uncle Othy after the death of his parents.

Chapter 3

• Jonas lives with his aunt and uncle in Squires Landing and loves living near the river.

• Jonas is...

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