Jasper Jones Short Essay - Answer Key

Craig Silvey
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1. Why does Charlie's father give Charlie a stack of American novels that deal with Civil Rights?

As a literature teacher, Charlie's father clearly communicates through books. When Charlie expresses confusion about the fact that Jasper is ostracized because he is of mixed race, Mr. Bucktin allows Charlie the opportunity to read the books and think through racial issues on his own.

2. Why does Jasper come to Charlie?

Jasper knows that Charlie is different, and that he sees and treats people differently than others in Corrigan. Jasper knows he needs help, and he can tell that Charlie surrounds himself with people like Jeffrey, who need a little extra push. These attributes make Jasper know that he can trust Charlie.

3. Charlie keeps referring to his choice to wear shoes as "pansy" (25). Why does he feel this way?

In Corrigan, boys are valued for their athletic prowess. Charlie admires Jasper's strength, and the way he can navigate the terrain in his bare feet. Charlie also regrets his inability to just make a choice and act without having to rethink and overly prepare, thinking about comfort and safety over action.

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