Objects & Places from Jasper Jones

Craig Silvey
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Pudd'nhead Wilson

This novel serves as Charlie Bucktin's favorite reading material and teaches Charlie much about respect, heroism, and systemic prejudice.


This game serves as the backdrop of social rank in Corrigan. Jeffrey Lu makes his mark in this sport.

Muhammad Ali

This person is the idol of Jeffrey Lu; his fancy fighting techniques and personal history serve as a reminder to Jeffrey that hardship can create strength.

Atticus Finch

This literary hero has much in common with Wesley Bucktin and serves to prove that we can never fully understand our parents and their abilities.


These symbols provide the lens through which Charlie sees and understands the world. Jasper Jones recognizes that because of his interest in these objects, Charlie is the best one to help him.


This object often provides the assistance needed for characters to let loose and be truly honest with themselves...

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