Daily Lessons for Teaching Jasper Jones

Craig Silvey
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter One)


In this lesson, students will be exploring the setting of Corrigan Australia. They will be asked to look at a basic, as well as a school calendar for educational institutions in the southern hemisphere. This will help to focus their understanding, as the novel follows Charlie Bucktin through the Christmas holidays and his summer break over the course of the winter of 1965.


1). Journal: Students will write for five minutes about their most vivid memories of holidays in their past. What was the weather like? What were they doing in the weeks and days surrounding the big celebrations? What other things were going on during that time of year? We will then connect their memories, in comparison/contrast, to Charlie's statements about the weather and the foods he is eating.

2). Small Group Work: Students will pair up. Each member will choose to either look at a...

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