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Craig Silvey
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The Perfect Super Hero

Throughout the novel, Charlie and Jeffrey discuss the merits of various superheroes. Design a presentation (can be a poster, model, or multimedia) that details the qualities inherent in a real super hero.

Write a Hero Story

Throughout the text, Charlie searches for a hero, either in a fictional character, his father, Jasper Jones, or even himself. Ultimately, the text becomes a hero story of sorts. Write a one-page hero story in which you detail the characteristics of the hero, as well as a deed that hero must accomplish.

Character Paper Bag Analysis Project

Pick a character from the text. In this project, you will take a paper bag and complete the following steps:

1. Choose five objects the character would always have. The objects should go in the bag.

2. On the front of the bag, draw a picture of the character, being sure to remain...

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