Jasper Jones Character Descriptions

Craig Silvey
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Charlie Bucktin

This character must use the study of people, books, and movies to help decipher the truth and understand the motivations of other people. While this person does not have a hand in the death of Laura Wishart, this character is an accomplice in its cover-up.

Jasper Jones

This person endures the hardships of racism, life without a mother, and the death of a true love. Through it all, this character remains resilient and tough, ready to prove others wrong.

Laura Wishart

This person's unsolved death creates much sadness and confusion over the course of the novel. The truth of that death is even worse than could have been imagined.

Jeffrey Lu

This creative and spunky character from Vietnam proves, that, like Muhammad Ali, true fighters take hardships and use them to become the toughest and best they can be.

Eliza Wishart

After facing major family tragedy, this...

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