Jasper Jones Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Craig Silvey
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Chapter One

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Silvey, Craig. Jasper Jones. Ember, 2009.

• The narrator, Charlie Bucktin, is awakened by Jasper Jones asking for help at his window.

• The two boys then embark on a hot midnight walk through the Australian town of Corrigan, stopping only at the home of Mad Jack Lionel where Jasper smokes a cigarette.

• Mad Jack is a legend in Corrigan, fueling kids’ nightmares and dares; brave kids will take dares to steal items from the yard, or, even better, snatch a peach from his tree and save the pit.

• Jasper Jones, whose mother is dead and father is a drunk, is known as a trouble maker in town. Parents do not want their children to associate with him, and he is blamed for many teens’ transgressions.

• Jasper is described as “half-caste,” or mixed racial heritage (6).

• Charlie...

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