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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Charlie finally realize about being there?
(a) He was thrust upon Jason.
(b) Jason wanted him for company.
(c) Jason took him because Jason wants to become a doctor.
(d) Charlie's uncle paid Jason a lot of gold to care for him.

2. What does Jason reach at the end of Lake Bennett?
(a) The Yukon River.
(b) The Straits of Yukon.
(c) Fort Klondike.
(d) Lake Thikitucah.

3. What does Charlie point out to Jason?
(a) The sheriff's office.
(b) A boarding house.
(c) A warehouse.
(d) A tavern.

4. What does Jason find out he needs to let Charlie do?
(a) Leave before the weather gets really bad.
(b) Help out around the cabin.
(c) Talk to Jason more.
(d) Learn how to live without a foot.

5. How does the reunion between Jason and his brothers go?
(a) They get into an argument.
(b) It is quiet.
(c) It is joyous.
(d) It is tense.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jason decide he must do about the Mounties?

2. Why are the bull moose fighting?

3. What does Jason think about when he looks at the night sky?

4. With what does Jason struggle after he shoots a caribou?

5. About how many boats are on the river?

Short Essay Questions

1. What arrives with May and what happens to the cabin where Jason and Charlie have been staying?

2. What happens on the river because of the number of people on it and who are on it besides Klondikers?

3. What significant day is coming up in Chapter 22 and how is that time of year affecting the people in the area?

4. How does the option in question #45 work out for Jason?

5. Where does Jason wake up after his accident?

6. How does Jason finally get to see Jamie and what does she tell him?

7. What do Jason and Charlie do when they leave the area of the cabin?

8. What does Charlie say to Jason which helps clear the air?

9. What happens when Jason is at the bear cave?

10. Why is Jason frustrated with Charlie?

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