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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Jason take the entire caribou?
(a) There is no way to perserve it in a short amount of time.
(b) He doesn't really like the taste of caribou.
(c) It would be too heavy for the canoe.
(d) He can't eat that much meat.

2. What does Jason decide to do about getting supplies?
(a) Go to the Indian village.
(b) Put out rabbit traps.
(c) Put them on half rations.
(d) Shoot a moose.

3. What sign does Charlie point out to Jason?
(a) Title and Deeds Office.
(b) Hawthorn Brothers Sawmill.
(c) Lost and Found.
(d) Hawthorn Merchant Store.

4. What does Jason try to hide from Charlie?
(a) Jason is planning to leave soon.
(b) Charlie's leg is infected.
(c) The food supply is growing low.
(d) Charlie's father is coming to get him.

5. Who first found gold in the area?
(a) Paul Rhodes.
(b) Nathiel Goodbody.
(c) Henderson and Carmack.
(d) Baron von Heitermeister.

6. What part of the caribou does Jason take?
(a) The breast.
(b) The hindquarters.
(c) Half of it.
(d) The rib portions.

7. What does Alex McDonald give Charlie?
(a) A sturdy horse.
(b) A place to live.
(c) A job.
(d) All the gold he can carry.

8. Where does Jason see his first bull moose?
(a) Far off on a plain.
(b) In the river ahead of him.
(c) On the shore near Laberge.
(d) At night when pulled on the shore to sleep.

9. With what does Jason struggle after he shoots a caribou?
(a) Feeling bad about killing an animal.
(b) How to preserve it.
(c) How to butcher it.
(d) Getting it to shore.

10. Why are the bull moose fighting?
(a) There are too many males.
(b) There are too many females.
(c) It is rutting season.
(d) There is not enough food.

11. Why does Jason return to his cabin when he was following tracks?
(a) He has to return to eat.
(b) His water has frozen and needs to drink.
(c) He lost sight of the animal.
(d) He is too tired to go on.

12. What does Jason try to figure out when he finds a bear's den?
(a) Where to shoot a bear to kill it.
(b) How to get the bear outside.
(c) How to get inside the den.
(d) How to get the bear back to the cabin.

13. What does Jason decide he must do about the Mounties?
(a) Sneak by them.
(b) Develop a plan.
(c) Make sure he has enough weight in his outfit.
(d) Bribe them.

14. What does spring do for the river?
(a) It has no effect on the river.
(b) Makes it dry up.
(c) Makes it chunky with ice.
(d) Makes it passable.

15. What does Jason pick to eat to prevent scurvy?
(a) Mountain laurel.
(b) Potatoes.
(c) Mushrooms.
(d) Rose hips and fruit.

Short Answer Questions

1. At what date does Jason reach the end of Lake Bennett?

2. What does Jason consider Lake Bennett to be in Chapter 14?

3. What are some of the people on the river called?

4. How long are the rapids that are ahead of Jason?

5. What does Jason want to do in Dawson City?

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