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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of the caribou does Jason take?
(a) The rib portions.
(b) The breast.
(c) Half of it.
(d) The hindquarters.

2. Why are the rapids considered so dangerous?
(a) The water is almost a freezing temperatures.
(b) There are too many animals in the rapids.
(c) The rocks are sharp granite.
(d) Box canyons, whirlpools and eddies.

3. What does Jack tell Jason he wants to be?
(a) An editor.
(b) A publisher.
(c) A writer.
(d) A journalist.

4. What does Charlie tell Jason about how he feels?
(a) He feels great.
(b) He is happy that him and Jason are friends.
(c) He feels useless.
(d) He feels abandoned.

5. What do the boys do to pass the time?
(a) Paint pictures on the cabin walls.
(b) Play cards.
(c) Read Scientific American.
(d) Write a journal.

6. What does Charlie point out to Jason?
(a) A tavern.
(b) The sheriff's office.
(c) A warehouse.
(d) A boarding house.

7. How long does Jason stay at Lake Bennett?
(a) One week.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Three days.
(d) Three months.

8. Where does Jason see his first bull moose?
(a) At night when pulled on the shore to sleep.
(b) In the river ahead of him.
(c) On the shore near Laberge.
(d) Far off on a plain.

9. What does Jason decide to do about finding a bear?
(a) Go up into the mountains.
(b) Set out a trap.
(c) Try to find something less dangerous.
(d) Cross the river.

10. What does Jason reach at the end of Lake Bennett?
(a) The Yukon River.
(b) Fort Klondike.
(c) Lake Thikitucah.
(d) The Straits of Yukon.

11. Who has saved Jason when he is injured by the bull moose?
(a) No one.
(b) Robert Henderson.
(c) Homer and Jamie.
(d) Frank Barker.

12. What does Jason think about when he looks at the night sky?
(a) He'd like to travel to the stars.
(b) There are more stars than he has ever seen.
(c) How far away home is.
(d) Where his brothers might be.

13. Why does Jason return to his cabin when he was following tracks?
(a) He lost sight of the animal.
(b) He has to return to eat.
(c) He is too tired to go on.
(d) His water has frozen and needs to drink.

14. What job does Charlie take with Jason's brothers?
(a) Assistant bookkeeper.
(b) He does not take a job with them.
(c) Designer.
(d) Salesman.

15. What does Jason decide to do to his brothers?
(a) Scare them.
(b) Play a joke.
(c) Demand his inheritance.
(d) Write them a letter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why might so many people who are stranded die?

2. Who is one of the few persons adventuresome enough to try the rapids?

3. What is Dawson City nicknamed?

4. What does Jason tell Charlie about Charlie being there?

5. What does Jason pick to eat to prevent scurvy?

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