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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are many of the people Jason meets heading back to Skagway going there?
(a) They were turned away at the border.
(b) They've made a lot of money.
(c) They've given up.
(d) The weather is too cold.

2. What kind of a job does Jason get?
(a) Trail guide.
(b) Cook.
(c) Horse handler.
(d) Wagon driver.

3. Why is Jason unable to find a boat to take him down the river?
(a) There are too many people who have too many pounds.
(b) His outfit is too heavy.
(c) He does not have any money.
(d) They don't want to take such a young person.

4. What does the younger man in the rail car recite?
(a) The Pledge of Allegiance.
(b) A Purple Cow.
(c) The Battle Hymn of the Republic.
(d) The Gettysburg Address.

5. Where does Jason go in Chapter 13?
(a) Back to Skagway.
(b) With Jack.
(c) No where.
(d) To the spot where the outfit was dropped off.

6. What does Jason get at the river?
(a) A horse.
(b) A dog.
(c) A big supply of venison.
(d) A black eye.

7. Why might Jason be stopped at customs?
(a) He is too young.
(b) He has a dog with him.
(c) If his outfit is underweight.
(d) His brothers told customs to stop him.

8. What does Jason learn from some horse packers about his brothers?
(a) They have already staked a claim.
(b) They are in the next settlement.
(c) They are not far ahead of him.
(d) They did not come that way.

9. What does Jason wonder when he arrives at Lake Bennett?
(a) If his brothers will wait for him.
(b) If he should go home.
(c) If he should travel with someone.
(d) Where Jack is going.

10. For what does the older man say he would give up everything?
(a) To have his wife alive.
(b) To live in a warm climate.
(c) To see the elephant.
(d) To see his oldest son.

11. What does Jason notice most of the people in Skagway are?
(a) Farmers.
(b) Greenhorns.
(c) Outdoorsmen.
(d) Ex-military.

12. How does Jason buy food and warming clothing?
(a) With his wages from his short time job.
(b) He uses the money his brothers left him.
(c) He trades his extra pair of boots.
(d) He works at the general store.

13. What does Jason recall Homer saying about this leg of the journey?
(a) Novices usually fail to get over the water.
(b) He did not mention this leg to Jason.
(c) Let the boat do your work.
(d) This is the easiest part of the journey.

14. What have some people resigned themselves to doing?
(a) Going home.
(b) Waiting out the winter and leaving in the spring.
(c) No finding any gold.
(d) Starving to death.

15. What does Jason think while he is walking?
(a) His father would be proud of him.
(b) He is stronger than Jack.
(c) His mother will kill him.
(d) His brothers are waiting for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is waiting for Jason at his brothers' home?

2. What does Jason name his dog?

3. What did Jason promise when he left his hometown?

4. What did Homer sell to come to the gold fields?

5. What can Jason not imagine about not going on?

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