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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Jason and Jack do when they meet up again?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Tell each other their stories.
(c) Trade items around.
(d) Ignore each other.

2. Who dropped out of Jack's group?
(a) Packman.
(b) Shepard.
(c) Johnson.
(d) Houston.

3. What does Jason want to learn from the older man?
(a) What to do if caught hopping rail cars.
(b) How to make a wife happy.
(c) What is the best warm states in America.
(d) What it takes to get to Klondike.

4. Why is Jason beginning to feel more pressure about reaching his goal?
(a) His dog is getting old.
(b) Winter is coming quickly.
(c) He has no more money.
(d) His brothers are getting farther away.

5. What worries people who are on the boat?
(a) Getting past the waterfall.
(b) Passing through customs.
(c) Being attacked by a grizzly bear.
(d) Getting over the rapids.

6. What does Jason get at the river?
(a) A black eye.
(b) A dog.
(c) A big supply of venison.
(d) A horse.

7. What is a big topic of conversation in Skagway besides gold?
(a) Thieves.
(b) Politics.
(c) Horses.
(d) Murder.

8. What does Jason wonder when he arrives at Lake Bennett?
(a) If he should go home.
(b) If he should travel with someone.
(c) Where Jack is going.
(d) If his brothers will wait for him.

9. What is Jason's hometown?
(a) Portland.
(b) Seattle.
(c) Denver.
(d) St. Louis.

10. What did Jason's father say he would never be?
(a) A farmer.
(b) A Republican.
(c) A wage slave.
(d) A Democrat.

11. What does Jack say about seeing Jason again?
(a) He wish he had known they were going to meet again.
(b) He thought Jason was too young to be friends.
(c) He figured Jason had given up.
(d) He thought Jason might be dead.

12. How many boats are leaving the shore each day?
(a) Thirty.
(b) Ten.
(c) Fifteen.
(d) Sixty.

13. What did a man receive that was fake that Jason notices?
(a) A fake map.
(b) A false telegram.
(c) Instructions on how to pan for gold.
(d) A bridle for his horse.

14. To what does Jason compare himself as he walks?
(a) A bumblebee.
(b) An ant.
(c) A salmon swimming up stream.
(d) His father.

15. Why might Jason be stopped at customs?
(a) His brothers told customs to stop him.
(b) If his outfit is underweight.
(c) He is too young.
(d) He has a dog with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Jason's brothers live?

2. What are Jamie and Homer going to do?

3. How old is Jason on this adventure?

4. What does Jason think of the crowds of people?

5. Why does Jack offer Jason a prospector's outfit?

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