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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is waiting for Jason at his brothers' home?
(a) A letter from his brother.
(b) A train ticket to Alaska.
(c) The key to their parents' house.
(d) His inheritance.

2. How long has Jason been in New York at the beginning of the book?
(a) Four months.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Five days.
(d) Six months.

3. What does Jason think of the crowds of people?
(a) They are all dumb for being there.
(b) They will get his gold.
(c) Make it difficult to travel.
(d) They are all lazy.

4. What is the name of Homer's boat?
(a) Klondike Cutter.
(b) Homer's Odyssey.
(c) Yukon Belle.
(d) Jamie's Delight.

5. To where is Jason heading when he passes back through Skagway?
(a) Churntop Pass.
(b) Donner's Pass.
(c) Diablo Pass.
(d) White Pass.

6. What does the older man tell Jason about from his past?
(a) Being married with children.
(b) The gold rush of 49.
(c) Working in the coal mines.
(d) Traveling to all of the states of America.

7. What does Jason wonder when he arrives at Lake Bennett?
(a) If his brothers will wait for him.
(b) If he should go home.
(c) If he should travel with someone.
(d) Where Jack is going.

8. What does Jason get at the river?
(a) A black eye.
(b) A big supply of venison.
(c) A horse.
(d) A dog.

9. What did Homer sell to come to the gold fields?
(a) His stock shares.
(b) Two horses and a carriage.
(c) His family farm.
(d) His summer crop.

10. Upon what ship does Jason stow away?
(a) The Belle of the Sea.
(b) Lucinda.
(c) The Seagull.
(d) The Yakima.

11. Where does the rail car Jason hops go?
(a) Minot, North Dakota.
(b) Salt Lake City, Utah.
(c) San Francisco, California.
(d) Denver, Colorado.

12. What does Jason learn from some horse packers about his brothers?
(a) They did not come that way.
(b) They are not far ahead of him.
(c) They have already staked a claim.
(d) They are in the next settlement.

13. What does the younger man in the rail car recite?
(a) A Purple Cow.
(b) The Gettysburg Address.
(c) The Battle Hymn of the Republic.
(d) The Pledge of Allegiance.

14. Where do Jason's brothers work?
(a) On fishing boats.
(b) A saw mill.
(c) A cannery.
(d) In a shoe factory.

15. What does Jack say about seeing Jason again?
(a) He thought Jason was too young to be friends.
(b) He wish he had known they were going to meet again.
(c) He figured Jason had given up.
(d) He thought Jason might be dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the first lake Jason has to cross?

2. How does Jason finally get the means to continue his journey?

3. What is Jason Hawthorn standing in front of with his newspapers?

4. By Chapter 11, how many more places does Jason have to go to meet up with his brothers?

5. What does Jason notice about many of the people packing up to leave?

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