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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapters 14-19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are the rapids considered so dangerous?
(a) There are too many animals in the rapids.
(b) Box canyons, whirlpools and eddies.
(c) The rocks are sharp granite.
(d) The water is almost a freezing temperatures.

2. What is Jason's hometown?
(a) St. Louis.
(b) Denver.
(c) Seattle.
(d) Portland.

3. What does Jason think is a daunting sight when Jason first sees them?
(a) Pike's Peak.
(b) The Golden Stairs.
(c) The Black Crow switchback.
(d) The Stony Steps.

4. What worries people who are on the boat?
(a) Getting over the rapids.
(b) Being attacked by a grizzly bear.
(c) Getting past the waterfall.
(d) Passing through customs.

5. What does the head of law enforcement do the most?
(a) Kill horse thieves.
(b) Investigate fraud.
(c) Rob the people of the town.
(d) Hang murderers.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does the older man say he would give up everything?

2. What does Jason reach at the end of Lake Bennett?

3. How heavy is the outfit?

4. Who is head of law enforcement in Skagway?

5. What does Jason find he has done in the morning?

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