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Dawson City

This place is located in the upper part of western Canada near the Alaska border.

The Gold Rush

The main object in the story is this that exploded in the late 1870s in Canada.

Chilkoot Pass

This is one of the two passes that lead to Dawson City.


This is the setting for a large part of the story.

New York City

This is where Jason is living when he learns about the gold rush.


This is the home of Jason, Abraham and Ethan Hawthorn.

The Yukon River

This is the final destination for prospectors; located in Canada, it leads to Dawson City.


This is one of the main stopping points along the route to Dawson City. It is a rapidly developing town filled with thieves, opportunists and prospectors.

White Pass

This is one of the two main passes that lead to Dawson...

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