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Create a Room

Create a period room of a scene from the story. Take pictures. Invite others to check it out. (e.g. tea room)

A New Story

Choose a character from the book and write a new story about the character.

Puppet Story

Make puppet characters and reenact a portion of story.

Tin Foil Collection

Collect tin foil like Mother Ripplemeyer did and after a week or so ask your classmates to estimate how much it weighs. Get it weighed and see whose estimate was the most accurate.

Poetry and Love

Write a poem about Jasmine's love before first sight with Prakash.

Create a Song

Create a song for Taylor and Jasmine. Perform it if you can.

Improvise this!

Read a portion of the story aloud and have volunteers act out what they hear as they hear it, without a script!

Buying and Selling

Set up a...

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