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Short Answer Questions

1. When Jane gives birth to a son, what does Mr. Rochester distinguish about him?

2. What does Mr. Rochester say in the church that he meant to be, but fate has out-maneuvered him?

3. As Jane prays for guidance about whether she should go with St. John, what does the voice she hears say?

4. Who is the missing girl in the advertisements about which St. John informs Jane?

5. Of the twenty girls for whom Jane is responsible, how many can read and how many can write?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jane discover about Rosamond Oliver's feelings for St. John, and what does it signify?

2. How does the Rivers family treat Jane, and why is it significant?

3. How does Jane's fortune change dramatically after her true identity is revealed?

4. What does Jane discover when she leaves Moor House and returns to Thornfield?

5. What argument does Jane provide to avoid wearing Rochester's family jewels, and what does this signify?

6. How does St. John discover Jane's true identity?

7. What happens when Jane is refused entrance to the house where three women are knitting in mourning clothes?

8. The day before the wedding, Jane dreams about what that is significant?

9. What is Jane's married life like, and why is it significant?

10. How does Jane cope with her new life at Marsh End?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the autobiographical elements in "Jane Eyre."

1) Compare Jane Eyre with Charlotte Bronte.

2) What fictional events are modeled after real-life incidents?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the function of marriage in the novel.

1) What values does the institution of marriage uphold and reinforce?

2) How is Jane's marriage to Mr. Rochester both a traditional and unconventional marriage?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Jane as the heroine in the novel.

1) What qualities does Jane possess that make her a heroic figure?

2) How are Jane's actions heroic?

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