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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Jane, what is one reason the intimacy she shares with Diana and Mary does not extend to St. John?
(a) Because he is seldom understood.
(b) Because he is seldom kind.
(c) Because he is seldom generous.
(d) Because he is seldom at home.

2. Mr. Rochester's former butler tells Jane that Grace Poole possessed what fault?
(a) She smoked.
(b) She lied.
(c) She drank.
(d) She stole.

3. What does Mr. John Eyre of Madeira leave to Jane following his death?
(a) None of his property.
(b) A small portion of his property.
(c) All of his property.
(d) Some of his property.

4. As Jane prays for guidance about whether she should go with St. John, what does the voice she hears say?
(a) "Jane! Jane! Jane!"
(b) "Help! Help! Help!"
(c) "Have faith!"
(d) "My love!"

5. What two things does Jane claim she will be when Mr. Rochester states how he will dress her up in satin and lace?
(a) An ape in a harlequin's jacket; an elephant in a gilded cage.
(b) A thirsty tiger in an oasis; a jay in borrowed plumes.
(c) A thirsty tiger in an oasis; an elephant in a gilded cage.
(d) An ape in a harlequin's jacket; a jay in borrowed plumes.

6. After Jane refuses to become Mr. Rochester's mistress and leaves Thornfield, where does the coachman drop her when she runs out of money?
(a) Whitescross.
(b) Gateshead.
(c) Heath.
(d) Leeds.

7. Who steps forward at the church as a witness that causes Mr. Rochester to convulse in fury or despair at the sight?
(a) Mr. Green.
(b) Mr. Mason.
(c) Bertha Mason.
(d) Blanche Ingram.

8. After hearing the voice and breaking away from St. John, Jane states that it was "_____time to assume ascendency."
(a) His.
(b) My.
(c) God's.
(d) Rochester's.

9. According to Mr. Rochester's former butler, what are Mr. Rochester's injuries?
(a) He has become blind and a cripple.
(b) He has become deaf.
(c) He has become a cripple.
(d) He has become deaf and blind.

10. When St. John asks where Jane last resided, how does Jane respond?
(a) That she is from Gateshead.
(b) That she had resided with Mr. Rochester.
(c) That it is her secret.
(d) That it is not relevant.

11. When Jane first lays her eyes on the injured Mr. Rochester, she compares him to what kind of animal?
(a) An eagle.
(b) A dog.
(c) A snake.
(d) A horse.

12. What does Jane buy for Moor House to prepare for Diana and Mary's arrival?
(a) Furniture, carpets, drapes.
(b) Plants, clothing, furniture.
(c) Clothing, furniture, drapes.
(d) Carpets, plants, drapes.

13. How does Jane describe Miss Rosamond Oliver, the heiress who greets her and St. John?
(a) Strange.
(b) Plain.
(c) Beautiful.
(d) Unattractive.

14. What does Mr. Rochester's former butler tell Jane happened to Bertha Mason during the fire?
(a) She jumped to her death.
(b) She hung herself.
(c) She shot herself.
(d) She poisoned herself.

15. Of the twenty girls for whom Jane is responsible, how many can read and how many can write?
(a) Three and three.
(b) Thirteen and three.
(c) Three and none.
(d) Three and five.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Jane gives birth to a son, what does Mr. Rochester distinguish about him?

2. On the afternoon following the discovery of Bertha Mason, what does Jane think she should do?

3. On the day before Jane and Mr. Rochester are to leave to be married, what is written on the labels that Jane cannot bring herself to affix to her trunks?

4. Jane states that, with Mary and Diana, there is a _________congeniality of tastes, sentiments, and principles.

5. After Mr. Rochester discovers the truth about Bertha's insanity in the West Indies, what does he tell Jane he momentarily thought he should do?

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