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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who holds down Jane's arms and threatens to tie her down in the red-room?
(a) Bessie and Miss Abbot.
(b) John and Miss Abbot.
(c) Bessie and Mrs. Reed.
(d) Mrs. Reed and Miss Abbot.

2. What is the subject of Leah's and the charwoman's conversation that Jane overhears, and is dropped once they perceive her?
(a) Jane.
(b) Grace Poole.
(c) Blanche Ingram.
(d) Mr. Rochester.

3. According to Jane, what hour in the evening has provided "the ruddy gloaming, the licensed uproar, the confusion of many voices gave one a welcome sense of liberty?"
(a) Breakfast-hour.
(b) Dinner-hour.
(c) Play-hour.
(d) Final-hour.

4. Jane puts on what gift from Miss Temple for her first tea-time with Mr. Rochester?
(a) A diamond watch.
(b) A silver bracelet.
(c) A gold cross.
(d) A pearl brooch.

5. What month is it when Jane departs for Lowood?
(a) January.
(b) June.
(c) April.
(d) September.

6. According to Mr. Rochester, Jane is ______, quiet, _______, and simple.
(a) Quaint; cheerful.
(b) Worldly; cheerful.
(c) Worldly; grave.
(d) Quaint; grave.

7. Whom does Jane meet when she first arrives at Lowood?
(a) Helen Burns.
(b) Miss Miller.
(c) Mrs. Lloyd.
(d) Mrs. Brocklehurst.

8. What hope does Jane cherish that she has "no right to conceive"?
(a) That she will be allowed to take leave of Thornfield.
(b) That she has inherited money from a relative.
(c) That her position as governess will continue.
(d) That Mr. Rochester's marriage to Blanche Ingram is off.

9. Why is Jane surprised to learn that Mr. Rochester is the proprietor of Thornfield?
(a) Because she thinks Mr. Rochester is dead.
(b) Because she thinks Mrs. Fairfax is the owner.
(c) Because she thinks there is no proprietor at Thornfield.
(d) Because she thinks Thornfield belongs to Adele.

10. As she overhears Miss Abbot's and Bessie's conversation, Jane learns her parents died from what?
(a) Cholera.
(b) Small pox.
(c) Typhus.
(d) Leprosy.

11. Who is the newcomer who arrives from England whom the ladies call a "beautiful man"?
(a) Mr. Eshton.
(b) Mr. Lynn.
(c) Mr. Fairfax.
(d) Mr. Mason.

12. Who arrives at Lowood to see Jane and is mistaken for the carrier by her?
(a) Bessie.
(b) John Reed.
(c) Mrs. Reed.
(d) Georgiana Reed.

13. What is inscribed on Helen's grave besides her name?
(a) Resurgam.
(b) Redivivus.
(c) Regnat populace.
(d) Religious loci.

14. Who tells Mr. Eshton that Jane "looks too stupid for any game of the sort"?
(a) Blanche.
(b) Colonel Dent.
(c) Amy.
(d) Mrs. Dent.

15. Why does Mrs. Reed forbid Jane from joining her, Eliza, John, and Georgiana in the drawing-room?
(a) Because she feels Jane does not have a sociable and childlike disposition.
(b) Because her children have complained that Jane is getting all the attention.
(c) Because she feels Jane has too much of a sociable and childlike disposition.
(d) Because she feels Jane is contagious and does not want her children to get sick.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mr. Brocklehurst's complaint about Julia Severn's hair?

2. Why are Jane and other girls forced to part with their portion of food at Lowood during the cold winter months?

3. What does Mr. Brocklehurst accuse Jane of being after making her sit on a stool in front of the class?

4. What does Mr. Rochester ask Jane to do as they listen to the nightingale?

5. Regarding the prospect of leaving, Jane tells Mr. Rochester, "I see the necessity of departure; and it is like looking on the necessity of ______".

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