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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XXXII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the third day of her homelessness, Jane inquires about what to the woman in the village shop?
(a) Church.
(b) Employment.
(c) Mr. Rochester.
(d) Directions.

2. According to Jane, what is one reason the intimacy she shares with Diana and Mary does not extend to St. John?
(a) Because he is seldom understood.
(b) Because he is seldom kind.
(c) Because he is seldom generous.
(d) Because he is seldom at home.

3. St. John wants Jane to be the mistress of what kind of school?
(a) A school for wealthy girls.
(b) A school for wealthy girls and boys.
(c) A school for poor girls and boys.
(d) A school for poor girls.

4. After Jane tells Mr. Rochester that Mr. Mason has arrived, what does he exclaim?
(a) "Mason - go fetch him!"
(b) "Mason - the West Indies!"
(c) "Mason - we must go!"
(d) "Mason - in England!"

5. What does Jane first eat at Lowood that is disgusting, but is devoured out of hunger?
(a) Rancid meat.
(b) Cold gruel.
(c) Grainy soup.
(d) Burned porridge.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Rochester say in the church that he meant to be, but fate has out-maneuvered him?

2. How old is Jane when the novel opens?

3. On the afternoon following the discovery of Bertha Mason, what does Jane think she should do?

4. What hope does Jane cherish that she has "no right to conceive"?

5. Why does Jane rush to Mr. Rochester's room after being awakened in the middle of the night by demonic laughter?

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