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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XXVIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Jane recalls asking to trade her handkerchief and glove for a cake and is refused, she states that she _________none of those who________me.
(a) Forgave; scorned.
(b) Scorned; helped.
(c) Forgave; repulsed.
(d) Blamed; repulsed.

2. What is Mr. Brocklehurst's complaint about Julia Severn's hair?
(a) It is too long.
(b) It is cropped.
(c) It is too curly.
(d) It is unclean.

3. After Jane tells Mr. Rochester that Mr. Mason has arrived, what does he exclaim?
(a) "Mason - we must go!"
(b) "Mason - in England!"
(c) "Mason - go fetch him!"
(d) "Mason - the West Indies!"

4. While on her deathbed, what does Mrs. Reed ask Jane to fetch from her dressing-case?
(a) A letter from Jane's uncle, John Eyre.
(b) A will from Mrs. Reed's husband, John Reed.
(c) A package from Jane's mother, Jane Eyre.
(d) A pamphlet from Jane's cousin, Eliza Reed.

5. What is the subject of Leah's and the charwoman's conversation that Jane overhears, and is dropped once they perceive her?
(a) Blanche Ingram.
(b) Jane.
(c) Mr. Rochester.
(d) Grace Poole.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Mr. Eshton that Jane "looks too stupid for any game of the sort"?

2. After supper on the night before they are to be married, how does Mr. Rochester respond when Jane asks him if he feels calm and happy?

3. When Mr. Rochester is in Leah's, what "sickening sense" does Jane feel regarding his absence?

4. To whom is Blanche referring when she tells Mr. Rochester that "half of them detestable, and the rest ridiculous"?

5. What does Mr. Rochester ask Jane to see that will suit Mrs. Rochester exactly?

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