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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XIX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Jane see riding along with Mr. Rochester on the night of the party's arrival, as well as the next morning?
(a) Blanche Ingram.
(b) Mrs. Eshton.
(c) Grace Poole.
(d) John.

2. Who says to Helen, "Burns, you are standing on the side of your shoe; turn your toes out immediately," and "Burns, you poke your chin most unpleasantly; draw it in!"?
(a) Miss Scatcherd.
(b) Miss Miller.
(c) Miss Smith.
(d) Miss Temple.

3. Why does Jane rush to Mr. Rochester's room after being awakened in the middle of the night by demonic laughter?
(a) Because Grace Poole has threatened her.
(b) Because Mrs. Fairfax has disappeared.
(c) Because it is on fire.
(d) Because Adele is ill.

4. Who arrives at Lowood to see Jane and is mistaken for the carrier by her?
(a) Mrs. Reed.
(b) John Reed.
(c) Georgiana Reed.
(d) Bessie.

5. As Jane watches the group perform, she states to the reader that she could not _____Mr. Rochester merely because he has ceased to notice her.
(a) Forgive.
(b) Unlove.
(c) Hurt.
(d) Love.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is inscribed on Helen's grave besides her name?

2. What is the name of Mr. Rochester's dog?

3. Why does Mrs. Reed forbid Jane from joining her, Eliza, John, and Georgiana in the drawing-room?

4. In the red-room, why does Jane rush at the door and shake the lock to escape?

5. What does Mr. Rochester ask Jane regarding his appearance?

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