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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XXI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Mr. Rochester is in Leah's, what "sickening sense" does Jane feel regarding his absence?
(a) Relief.
(b) Disappointment.
(c) Pleasure.
(d) Grief.

2. As she overhears Miss Abbot's and Bessie's conversation, Jane learns her parents died from what?
(a) Small pox.
(b) Typhus.
(c) Cholera.
(d) Leprosy.

3. Who tells Mr. Eshton that Jane "looks too stupid for any game of the sort"?
(a) Amy.
(b) Blanche.
(c) Colonel Dent.
(d) Mrs. Dent.

4. According to Mr. Rochester, Jane is ______, quiet, _______, and simple.
(a) Quaint; grave.
(b) Worldly; grave.
(c) Worldly; cheerful.
(d) Quaint; cheerful.

5. Of what game is Jane ignorant that the party proposes to play?
(a) Bridge.
(b) Polo.
(c) Charades.
(d) Roulette.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Rochester ask to see of Jane's during their first tea-time?

2. According to Bessie's husband, Robert Leaven, how has John Reed died?

3. After the disease abates at Lowood, what discovery is made that is mortifying to Mr. Brocklehurst?

4. Whom does Jane see riding along with Mr. Rochester on the night of the party's arrival, as well as the next morning?

5. According to Mr. Brocklehurst, Miss Temple NOT should not accustom the girls to what?

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