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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XXXIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrives at Lowood to see Jane and is mistaken for the carrier by her?
(a) John Reed.
(b) Bessie.
(c) Georgiana Reed.
(d) Mrs. Reed.

2. What skill does Jane possess that surprises and charms Diana and Mary?
(a) Sewing.
(b) Drawing.
(c) Singing.
(d) Cooking.

3. When Jane recalls asking to trade her handkerchief and glove for a cake and is refused, she states that she _________none of those who________me.
(a) Blamed; repulsed.
(b) Forgave; repulsed.
(c) Forgave; scorned.
(d) Scorned; helped.

4. What does Mr. Brocklehurst accuse Jane of being after making her sit on a stool in front of the class?
(a) A liar.
(b) A thief.
(c) A bully.
(d) An atheist.

5. What does Mr. Rochester ask Jane regarding his appearance?
(a) Whether she thinks he is serious.
(b) Whether she thinks he is youthful.
(c) Whether she thinks he is handsome.
(d) Whether she thinks he is playful.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Jane begs the woman called Hannah for food and shelter, who arrives to let her inside?

2. After Mr. Rochester discovers the truth about Bertha's insanity in the West Indies, what does he tell Jane he momentarily thought he should do?

3. What feeling does Jane observe St. John has for Rosamond Oliver?

4. Regarding the prospect of leaving, Jane tells Mr. Rochester, "I see the necessity of departure; and it is like looking on the necessity of ______".

5. After supper on the night before they are to be married, how does Mr. Rochester respond when Jane asks him if he feels calm and happy?

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