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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XXV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does Jane stay at Gateshead before returning to Thornfield?
(a) One month.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) One year.
(d) One week.

2. What does Mr. Brocklehurst accuse Jane of being after making her sit on a stool in front of the class?
(a) A bully.
(b) A liar.
(c) A thief.
(d) An atheist.

3. After Mrs. Reed's funeral, where does Eliza tell Jane she is taking up residence?
(a) An Italian school.
(b) A French convent.
(c) An English estate.
(d) A Spanish hospital.

4. Who tells Mr. Eshton that Jane "looks too stupid for any game of the sort"?
(a) Colonel Dent.
(b) Mrs. Dent.
(c) Blanche.
(d) Amy.

5. Whom does Blanche treat with coldness and acrimony?
(a) Mrs. Eshton.
(b) Adele.
(c) Mr. Rochester.
(d) Amy.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Jane watches the group perform, she states to the reader that she could not _____Mr. Rochester merely because he has ceased to notice her.

2. The night before they are to be married, Jane tells Mr. Rochester that earlier that morning she had seen whom in her closet where her wedding gown and veil are hung?

3. When Mr. Rochester gives Adele her gift, he tells Jane that he is not fond of what?

4. Who is the newcomer who arrives from England whom the ladies call a "beautiful man"?

5. Jane puts on what gift from Miss Temple for her first tea-time with Mr. Rochester?

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