Objects & Places from Jane Eyre

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Red Room - This space is the grandest, but rarely used, room in the house inside which the protagonist is locked and passes out from fear.

Gateshead Hall - This is where the protagonist lives with the Reeds as a child.

Painted China Plate - This object is coveted by the protagonist because she is forbidden to touch it.

Lowood Institution - This is the charity school to which the protagonist is sent by her aunt.

Brocklebridge Churchyard - This is where the protagonist's best friend is buried.

Thornfield - This is the manor where the protagonist serves as governess and is burned to the ground by the Master's insane spouse.

The leads - This is the name of the flat lead roof from which the Master's insane spouse jumps to her death after setting the house on fire.

Signpost at Whitecross - This is where the...

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