Daily Lessons for Teaching Jane Eyre

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter I | Chapter II)


In the opening chapters, the reader is introduced to Jane Eyre as the protagonist of the novel. The purpose of Lesson 1 is to examine Jane's character.


1) Class Discussion: What is your first impression of Jane Eyre? What is her physical appearance and her psychological character like? Do you sympathize with her? Why or why not? What is her life with Mrs. Reed and her children like? Why is it important that Jane is an orphan?

2) Writing Activity: In 2-3 paragraphs, describe Jane Eyre in as much detail as you can remember, paying close attention to her physical size. Is she a "typical" protagonist? Why or why not?

3) Class Activity: Compare and contrast Jane's treatment by Mrs. Reed with that of her children. Does Jany remind you of other characters in literature and fairy tales, and why? Discuss Jane's passionate nature and how it creates problems...

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