Jane Eyre Character Descriptions

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Bessie - This character is a slim and pretty nurse who is regarded by the protagonist as the most sympathetic figure in the Reed household.

Mr. Brocklehurst - This character is the proprietor of Lowood Institution, a boarding school for orphans that the protagonist attends.

Helen Burns - This character is the protagonist's best friend at Lowood who dies of consumption in the novel.

Jane Eyre - This character is the physically plain and slight protagonist of the novel who embodies strength of character, intelligence, and determination.

Mrs. Fairfax - This character is the housekeeper at Thornfield Hall who offers the protagonist the position of governess.

Jack - This character is also known as John Reed.

Blanche Ingram - This character is a tall, proud, and snobbish child of an aristocrat who spends time with Thornfield's Master, and is thought to be his fiance.

Lady Ingram -...

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