Jane Eyre Character Descriptions

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This character is a slim and pretty nurse who is regarded by the protagonist as the most sympathetic figure in the Reed household.

Mr. Brocklehurst

This character is the proprietor of Lowood Institution, a boarding school for orphans that the protagonist attends.

Helen Burns

This character is the protagonist's best friend at Lowood who dies of consumption in the novel.

Jane Eyre

This character is the physically plain and slight protagonist of the novel who embodies strength of character, intelligence, and determination.

Mrs. Fairfax

This character is the housekeeper at Thornfield Hall who offers the protagonist the position of governess.


This character is also known as John Reed.

Blanche Ingram

This character is a tall, proud, and snobbish child of an aristocrat who spends time with Thornfield's Master, and is thought to be his fiance.

Lady Ingram

This character makes rude, condescending remarks about governesses during...

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