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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. She is uncertain as to whether there will be a second edition of what novel?
(a) Emma.
(b) Mansfield Park.
(c) Persuasion.
(d) Pride and Prejudice.

2. She hopes that Sir William will marry who?
(a) Miss Sharpe.
(b) Miss Smith.
(c) Miss Sullivan.
(d) Miss Sichenze.

3. Jane threatens to write an imitation of what in retaliation?
(a) Pride, Prejudice, and Prosperity.
(b) Misbehavior.
(c) Self-Controul.
(d) Mismatched Marriage.

4. Jane praises Eaton Stannard Barrett's "The Heroine" as being amusingly written in what style?
(a) The Radcliffe.
(b) The Goldsmith.
(c) The Evelyn.
(d) The Pepys.

5. She writes to Caroline Austen, apologizing that she has not yet done what?
(a) Sent her a copy of "Pride and Prejudice."
(b) Written a book about her.
(c) Come for a visit.
(d) Read Caroline's manuscript.

Short Answer Questions

1. Was Anna's manuscript ever completed or published?

2. She is convinced that Mr. Papillon will soon do what?

3. Jane does not want Henry to take her to town but admits that she cannot say "no" if he offers. Why?

4. Why is Jane not impressed with "The Farmer's Wife?"

5. Where do they plan to do this?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jane do regarding Fanny's possible marriage?

2. What correspondence takes place between Jane and James Stanier Clarke?

3. What does Jane do regarding Anna's manuscript?

4. What does Jane say about Frank, Edward, Henry, and Charles?

5. Describe Jane's trip with Henry to Chawton.

6. What does Jane say about the Cookes?

7. What does Jane tell Caroline in a letter?

8. What does Jane have to say about David Garrick's play?

9. What is taking place with many of Jane's family members at this time?

10. What does Jane write to Anna Lefroy regarding Mrs. Creed?

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