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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jane stays at Goodnestone until Monday and hopes that Edward will fetch her for what reason?
(a) Since he is coming to visit Goodnestone.
(b) Since he has said he will come to fetch her.
(c) Since his health is better now.
(d) Since he will be in town.

2. Jane writes to her cousin, Miss Walter Seal, in American to offer her condolences on the loss of who?
(a) Miss Seal's sister.
(b) Miss Seal's brother.
(c) Miss Seal's mother.
(d) Miss Seal's father.

3. As what does Jane refer to Mr. Evelyn?
(a) A yoohoo.
(b) A maniac.
(c) A yahoo.
(d) A moron.

4. Jane quotes Hester Piozzi in "Letters to and from the late Samuel Johnson" in praise of Mr. Deedes' __________.
(a) Writing abilities.
(b) Acting abilities.
(c) Speaking abilities.
(d) Singing abilities.

5. Jane plans to arrive at Goodnestone as Cassandra is leaving and to take her sister's place for several days. Jane's pleasant journey is offset by what?
(a) A late start.
(b) Poor weather.
(c) An agitation at her arrival at Goodnestone.
(d) A cold.

Short Answer Questions

1. Harriet is truly grieved over whose death?

2. Jane thinks that concealing the intended partnership with Martha Lloyd is __________, referring to Frank's intentions to marry Martha.

3. The apothecary believes that Edward did what?

4. Jane gossips to her sister that Earle Harwood accidentally did what and is in the hospital where his family visits him?

5. Jane receives a descriptive letter from Frank, and a letter from Charles stating that what is awaiting orders?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where are the Bullers headed? What does Jane think of this?

2. What does Jane write regarding Edward?

3. How does Jane feel about writing? What does she later do with this statement?

4. What health news does Jane give in her letter?

5. How are the plans coming for moving to Bath?

6. Why does Jane offer her former admirers to Mary? How does this situation end differently than she had initially expected?

7. What does Jane say about the events taking place in her life?

8. What does Jane think about the secret relationship between Frank and Martha Lloyd?

9. What is mentioned about one of Jane's novels?

10. What match does Mrs. Knight promote? What does Jane think of this?

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