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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do they plan to do this?
(a) At Gaynor House.
(b) At Gryffindor House.
(c) At Grafton House.
(d) At Geophrey House.

2. Jane is pleased that __________________ of "Sense and Sensibility" sell.
(a) All copies.
(b) A few copies.
(c) Some copies.
(d) Most copies.

3. The apothecary arrives to do what?
(a) Deliver Henry's medication.
(b) Bleed Henry.
(c) Give Henry medication.
(d) Examine Henry.

4. Mr. John Murray, a London publisher, offers Jane how many pounds for "Emma" and the copyrights to "Mansfield Park" and "Sense and Sensibility?"
(a) Four hundred fifty.
(b) Three hundred fifty.
(c) Two hundred fifty.
(d) One hundred fifty.

5. Jane threatens to write an imitation of what in retaliation?
(a) Mismatched Marriage.
(b) Misbehavior.
(c) Self-Controul.
(d) Pride, Prejudice, and Prosperity.

6. She visits the Fagg family and describes who?
(a) The kind daughters.
(b) The mean daughters.
(c) The plain daughters.
(d) The beautiful daughters.

7. She is uncertain as to whether there will be a second edition of what novel?
(a) Pride and Prejudice.
(b) Persuasion.
(c) Emma.
(d) Mansfield Park.

8. She encourages Caroline to practice music but reminds her to do what?
(a) Not forget her writing.
(b) Find a husband.
(c) Take care of Jane's piano forte.
(d) Relax.

9. She writes to Caroline Austen, apologizing that she has not yet done what?
(a) Written a book about her.
(b) Read Caroline's manuscript.
(c) Sent her a copy of "Pride and Prejudice."
(d) Come for a visit.

10. Jane is thrilled with the praise that she hears about what novel from Lady Robert and Mr. Hastings?
(a) Emma.
(b) Persuasion.
(c) Pride and Prejudice.
(d) Northanger Abbey.

11. Jane writes to Anna saying that her eyes are weak and it is well that they did not weaken sooner or she could not have assisted in making what?
(a) Clothes for the "bride expectant."
(b) Her new hat.
(c) Clothes for her brothers.
(d) A dress for Anna.

12. Jane congratulates her niece on becoming what?
(a) An aunt.
(b) A mother.
(c) A sister.
(d) A godmother.

13. Jane spends most of her time _________________ and anxiously awaiting Edward's arrival next Tuesday.
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Dancing.
(c) Practicing her music.
(d) Working or reading.

14. Based on the plot in Anna's book, Jane jokes that Ben, Anna's husband, was in love with who first?
(a) Aunt Jane.
(b) Eliza.
(c) Aunt Cassandra.
(d) Mrs. Austen.

15. Jane answers Anna's specific questions regarding the accuracy and title of the manuscript, and she suggests that Anna omit the postscript because of what reason?
(a) It does not make sense.
(b) It is ridiculous.
(c) It appears to imitate "Sense and Sensibility."
(d) It appears to imitate "Pride and Prejudice."

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane writes to Fanny Knight praising her what?

2. Jane is unable to do what while Cassandra is gone?

3. Jane yearns to see whose exhibition as well?

4. Jane is also displeased with the final chapter and advises her niece to stick to what she knows. What does she believe her niece knows?

5. She reads William Cowper's __________________ and Boswell's "Life of Johnson".

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