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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jane is tired of writing and does not intend to write for how long?
(a) Many weeks.
(b) Many months.
(c) Many hours.
(d) Many days.

2. Jane feels certain that Frank's promotion would have solicited more appointments if he had been where at the time?
(a) In Germany.
(b) In France.
(c) In England.
(d) In America.

3. Jane plans to arrive at Goodnestone as Cassandra is leaving and to take her sister's place for several days. Jane's pleasant journey is offset by what?
(a) A cold.
(b) Poor weather.
(c) A late start.
(d) An agitation at her arrival at Goodnestone.

4. Jane wishes she could cancel what for the summer?
(a) Her intended visits.
(b) Her piano lessons.
(c) Her dance lessons.
(d) Her work obligations.

5. She has read Sarah Harriet Burney's "Clarentine" and finds it how?
(a) Interesting and intriguing.
(b) Stupid and filled with unnatural conduct.
(c) Surprising and filled with unusual events.
(d) Boring and a waste of time.

6. The answer to number 27 is in reference to what book?
(a) Jonathan Swift's "Drapier's Letters."
(b) Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels".
(c) Jonathan Swift's "A Journal to Stella."
(d) Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal."

7. Why does Jane call on most of their neighbors?
(a) Because she is feeling better.
(b) Because of the warm weather.
(c) Because she is bored.
(d) Because she likes her neighbors.

8. She asks Cassandra's advice about what fashion?
(a) The stripes.
(b) The flower.
(c) The plaid.
(d) The fruit.

9. Cassandra has a pleasant journey to Godmersham, but Jane worries. Why?
(a) Her last letter seemed unhappy.
(b) She has not received a letter since Cassandra left home.
(c) She was ill before she left.
(d) Jane wonders if Cassandra will ever return.

10. Jane and Mrs. Austen are currently in a house in Seymour Street, but Jane went with her uncle to look at two pleasing houses where?
(a) In White Park Buildings.
(b) In Red Park Buildings.
(c) In Blue Park Buildings.
(d) In Green Park Buildings.

11. Jane is pleased with Miss Fletcher for drinking her tea without ______________ and for her admiration of "Camilla".
(a) Honey.
(b) Sugar.
(c) Cream.
(d) Milk.

12. She refers to her work, "First Impressions", which would later become what novel?
(a) "Pride and Prejudice."
(b) "Sense and Sensibility."
(c) "Mansfield Park."
(d) "Persuasion."

13. Mr. Austen offers his ____________ to James Digweed but is refused.
(a) Carpentry shop.
(b) Business.
(c) Curacy.
(d) Blacksmith shop.

14. Who is dangerously ill?
(a) Cassandra.
(b) Mrs. Leigh.
(c) Mrs. Austen.
(d) Jane.

15. Jane informs her sister that Edward and Frank have left to do what?
(a) Seek their fortunes.
(b) Find jobs.
(c) Go to university.
(d) Join the military.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane's quarters in Bath are _____________, and she travels to Godmersham.

2. Mrs. Austen finds her deceased husband's _________________ and wants Frank to accept them.

3. Why does Anne give notice to discontinue her employment for the Austens?

4. Jane is pleased by Ly Gordon's manners, but thinks Ly Elizabeth and Miss Hatton have _________ to say.

5. Harriet is truly grieved over whose death?

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