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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 159-161 and CEAs 1-3 dated May 22nd, 1817 to July 29th, 1817.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jane attends a small ball with only thirty-one people. There are twenty dances, and Jane dances _______ of them.
(a) None.
(b) Some.
(c) Most.
(d) All.

2. Jane answers Anna's specific questions regarding the accuracy and title of the manuscript, and she suggests that Anna omit the postscript because of what reason?
(a) It does not make sense.
(b) It appears to imitate "Sense and Sensibility."
(c) It is ridiculous.
(d) It appears to imitate "Pride and Prejudice."

3. Why does Jane lament Fanny's pending marriage?
(a) Because Fanny does not love her fiance.
(b) Because she does not care for Fanny's fiance.
(c) Because Fanny will no longer write to her.
(d) Because the single life suits Fanny.

4. Cassandra writes who to tell her that their loss is sad?
(a) Edward Knight.
(b) Fanny Knight.
(c) Frances Tilson.
(d) Anna.

5. She is determined to raise money for what which is to be printed at her expense?
(a) The first printing of "Persuasion."
(b) The first printing of "Sense and Sensibility."
(c) The second printing of "Persuasion."
(d) The second printing of "Sense and Sensibility"

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane dissuades Cassandra from asking who to escort her to Steventon?

2. Jane spends a comfortable hour where?

3. Why is Jane anxious to go home?

4. She praises Tom, mentioning that his only fault is what?

5. Mrs. Austen plans to move where?

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