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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 159-161 and CEAs 1-3 dated May 22nd, 1817 to July 29th, 1817.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A letter from Miss Pearson causes Jane to suspect the other lady of what?
(a) Lying.
(b) Cheating.
(c) Stealing.
(d) Matrimonial views.

2. Jane tells John Murray that she is happy with Sir Walter Scott's review of "Emma" in the Quarterly Review, but she is displeased about what?
(a) That the second edition of "Mansfield Park" is not mentioned.
(b) That the second edition of "Mansfield Park" did not have such a favorable review.
(c) That is was so short.
(d) That no one else reviewed it.

3. Jane disdains Robert Southey's "Letters from England" as horribly ______________.
(a) Anti-European.
(b) Anti-French.
(c) Anti-English.
(d) Anti-American.

4. Jane spends Tuesday in Bentinck Street with the Cookes, but she is unable to call on Miss Beckford because of what reason?
(a) The wind.
(b) The snow.
(c) The rain.
(d) The heat.

5. Frank plans to go to Godmersham while Cassandra visits _______________.
(a) Guisborough.
(b) Grimsby.
(c) Guildford.
(d) Goodnestone.

Short Answer Questions

1. The household items sold well, though Jane is unhappy with the price she got for what?

2. Jane yearns to see whose exhibition as well?

3. Jane writes to her cousin, Miss Walter Seal, in American to offer her condolences on the loss of who?

4. Jane demands that the father in her most recent story be what?

5. Why does Anne give notice to discontinue her employment for the Austens?

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