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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 131-140 dated December 11th, 1815 to April 21st, 1816.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jane is very busy making shirts for Edward, and she claims she is the ___________ worker.
(a) Neatest.
(b) Hardest.
(c) Sloppiest.
(d) Slowest.

2. A rumor circulates that Charles is bringing who home?
(a) The 'Cleopatra.'
(b) The 'Witch.'
(c) The 'Goddess.'
(d) The 'Queen.'

3. Jane is thrilled that Cassandra plans to do what?
(a) Attend a ball.
(b) Move to London.
(c) Get married.
(d) Return home soon.

4. James Stanier Clarke tells Jane that he was appointed what?
(a) Chaplain.
(b) Speech writer.
(c) Head publicist.
(d) General.

5. The apothecary believes that Edward did what?
(a) Was bitten by an insect.
(b) Poisoned himself intentionally.
(c) Ate something disagreeable.
(d) Caught a virus.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane informs her sister that Edward and Frank have left to do what?

2. A letter from Miss Pearson causes Jane to suspect the other lady of what?

3. The household items sold well, though Jane is unhappy with the price she got for what?

4. She regrets that she is unlikely to visit Hendon, Anna's new home. Why can she not visit?

5. Why does Cassandra need not worry about Penlingtons?

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