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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 111-120 dated November 24th, 1814 to September 29th, 1815.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As what does Jane refer to Mr. Evelyn?
(a) A moron.
(b) A yoohoo.
(c) A maniac.
(d) A yahoo.

2. Jane answers Anna's specific questions regarding the accuracy and title of the manuscript, and she suggests that Anna omit the postscript because of what reason?
(a) It appears to imitate "Pride and Prejudice."
(b) It does not make sense.
(c) It is ridiculous.
(d) It appears to imitate "Sense and Sensibility."

3. Jane writes her niece, Anna, and expresses her interest in the ______ family from Anna's novel, "Tarefield Abbey."
(a) Flint.
(b) Kerrington.
(c) James.
(d) Smith.

4. Jane sees Miss Chamberlayne perform _____________, which reminds her of Miss Lefroy's performance.
(a) In a ballet.
(b) In a play.
(c) On horseback.
(d) In an opera.

5. Jane quotes Hester Piozzi in "Letters to and from the late Samuel Johnson" in praise of Mr. Deedes' __________.
(a) Speaking abilities.
(b) Acting abilities.
(c) Singing abilities.
(d) Writing abilities.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane hears that Tom is to marry a girl from where?

2. Mr. Austen offers his ____________ to James Digweed but is refused.

3. Jane is pleased to tell Cassandra what about their mother?

4. Jane has a pleasant journey to Paragon where she has what?

5. Was Anna's manuscript ever completed or published?

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