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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 111-120 dated November 24th, 1814 to September 29th, 1815.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Anne give notice to discontinue her employment for the Austens?
(a) Her family is moving out of the country.
(b) She is engaged.
(c) She will become a school mistress.
(d) She has found a new job.

2. Jane was alone with Mr. Holder at Ashe Park for ten minutes, which was very _______________.
(a) Strange but enjoyable.
(b) Fun and exciting.
(c) Relaxing and peaceful.
(d) Uncomfortable and awkward.

3. Why is Jane anxious to go home?
(a) She misses Cassandra.
(b) She is not feeling well.
(c) There has been a lot of company at Mrs. Knight's house.
(d) She is bored.

4. She visits the Fagg family and describes who?
(a) The plain daughters.
(b) The beautiful daughters.
(c) The mean daughters.
(d) The kind daughters.

5. Edward does well at Chawton with what?
(a) Blacksmithing.
(b) Haymaking.
(c) Her mercantile business.
(d) Carpentry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane sees Miss Chamberlayne perform _____________, which reminds her of Miss Lefroy's performance.

2. Jane wishes she could cancel what for the summer?

3. Mrs. Austen finds her deceased husband's _________________ and wants Frank to accept them.

4. When does Jane retract this statement?

5. Jane writes her niece, Anna, and expresses her interest in the ______ family from Anna's novel, "Tarefield Abbey."

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