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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 111-120 dated November 24th, 1814 to September 29th, 1815.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jane writes to Anna Lefroy nee Austen that Mrs. Creed's opinion is now less important to her because of what reason?
(a) Her behavior at the last ball.
(b) Her marriage to Mr. Creed.
(c) Her disapprobation of "Mansfield Park."
(d) Her comment about "Pride and Prejudice."

2. Was Anna's manuscript ever completed or published?
(a) Yes.
(b) Yes, but only after her death.
(c) No, not in its complete form.
(d) No, never.

3. Jane goes to see the play "Isabella, or the Fatal Marriage" by David Garrick but is not pleased with what?
(a) The lighting.
(b) The set.
(c) The acting.
(d) The script.

4. Jane writes to Anna saying that her eyes are weak and it is well that they did not weaken sooner or she could not have assisted in making what?
(a) Clothes for the "bride expectant."
(b) A dress for Anna.
(c) Her new hat.
(d) Clothes for her brothers.

5. Jane has been pressured to stay with Mrs. Knight until September but desires to be home when?
(a) In August.
(b) In July.
(c) In May.
(d) In September.

Short Answer Questions

1. She discusses Sir Joshua Reynold's _______________ and Henry Aston Baker's collection, "Triumph of Perspective".

2. Jane feels certain that Frank's promotion would have solicited more appointments if he had been where at the time?

3. Frank's visit is delayed by what?

4. Jane writes to her cousin, Miss Walter Seal, in American to offer her condolences on the loss of who?

5. Jane wishes she could cancel what for the summer?

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