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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 111-120 dated November 24th, 1814 to September 29th, 1815.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Edward's name change is finalized, from Austen to Knight, that of his _____________ who adopted him and left him an inheritance.
(a) Uncle.
(b) Cousin.
(c) Step father.
(d) Distant cousin.

2. Jane writes to her niece, Fanny Knight, declaring that she knows that Fanny is not what?
(a) Well.
(b) Getting married.
(c) Happy.
(d) In love.

3. Jane dissuades Cassandra from asking who to escort her to Steventon?
(a) Sir Thomas.
(b) Sir John.
(c) Sir Matthew.
(d) Sir Robert.

4. Jane gossips to her sister that Earle Harwood accidentally did what and is in the hospital where his family visits him?
(a) Fell down the stairs.
(b) Poisoned himself.
(c) Shot himself in the thigh.
(d) Fell off his horse.

5. Jane has a pleasant journey to Paragon where she has what?
(a) Her own horse.
(b) Her own room.
(c) Her own bathroom.
(d) Her own suite.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane is tired of writing and does not intend to write for how long?

2. Jane, her sister and brothers intend to do what together?

3. Mrs. Austen plans to move where?

4. The household items sold well, though Jane is unhappy with the price she got for what?

5. A rumor circulates that Charles is bringing who home?

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