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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 71-80 dated April 25th, 1811 to February 4th, 1813.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jane is very busy making shirts for Edward, and she claims she is the ___________ worker.
(a) Slowest.
(b) Neatest.
(c) Hardest.
(d) Sloppiest.

2. Jane was alone with Mr. Holder at Ashe Park for ten minutes, which was very _______________.
(a) Uncomfortable and awkward.
(b) Fun and exciting.
(c) Strange but enjoyable.
(d) Relaxing and peaceful.

3. Jane receives a descriptive letter from Frank, and a letter from Charles stating that what is awaiting orders?
(a) The 'Endymion.'
(b) The 'Edward.'
(c) The 'Endocrine.'
(d) The 'Edmondson.'

4. Jane receives a copy of her "own darling child" from London, referring to the publication of what novel?
(a) Persuasion.
(b) Mansfield Park.
(c) Sense and Sensibility.
(d) Pride and Prejudice.

5. Edward's name change is finalized, from Austen to Knight, that of his _____________ who adopted him and left him an inheritance.
(a) Step father.
(b) Uncle.
(c) Distant cousin.
(d) Cousin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane laments losing what of her mother's?

2. A letter from Miss Pearson causes Jane to suspect the other lady of what?

3. Jane disdains Robert Southey's "Letters from England" as horribly ______________.

4. Jane hears that Tom is to marry a girl from where?

5. A lady interrupts Jane's writing to inquire about hiring Anne as what?

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