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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 71-80 dated April 25th, 1811 to February 4th, 1813.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jane has been pressured to stay with Mrs. Knight until September but desires to be home when?
(a) In September.
(b) In August.
(c) In July.
(d) In May.

2. A rumor circulates that Charles is bringing who home?
(a) The 'Witch.'
(b) The 'Queen.'
(c) The 'Cleopatra.'
(d) The 'Goddess.'

3. Jane is happy with the recent publication of what?
(a) Susan.
(b) Practical Piety.
(c) Mansfield Park.
(d) Pride and Prejudice.

4. Jane attends a small ball with only thirty-one people. There are twenty dances, and Jane dances _______ of them.
(a) Some.
(b) Most.
(c) All.
(d) None.

5. Jane writes to offer her condolences to Edward on the death of who?
(a) His wife.
(b) His niece.
(c) His fiancee.
(d) His friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane complains that people are ____________ in this neighborhood.

2. Jane spends Tuesday in Bentinck Street with the Cookes, but she is unable to call on Miss Beckford because of what reason?

3. Jane has a pleasant journey to Paragon where she has what?

4. Mrs. Austen and Jane want to settle in at Chawton before October when Henry will do what?

5. The household items sold well, though Jane is unhappy with the price she got for what?

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