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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 31-40 dated January 14th, 1801 to January 21st, 1805.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The apothecary believes that Edward did what?
(a) Caught a virus.
(b) Was bitten by an insect.
(c) Poisoned himself intentionally.
(d) Ate something disagreeable.

2. Jane dissuades Cassandra from asking who to escort her to Steventon?
(a) Sir Robert.
(b) Sir Matthew.
(c) Sir John.
(d) Sir Thomas.

3. Jane is flattered by her sister's commendation of her writing since Jane "writes only for _______________".
(a) Her family.
(b) Herself.
(c) Fame.
(d) Tom.

4. Jane complains that people are ____________ in this neighborhood.
(a) Too shy and conventional.
(b) Too rambunctious and fashion-forward.
(c) Too poor and economical.
(d) Too dull and boring.

5. Why does Jane not expect letters from Cassandra until she receives them?
(a) Cassandra is not consistent about writing.
(b) To avoid disappointment.
(c) Cassandra is often too busy to write.
(d) Jane forgets about Cassandra.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane finds the parties stupid for what reason?

2. Jane has subscribed to whose library of novels and other literature?

3. The household items sold well, though Jane is unhappy with the price she got for what?

4. Jane is pleased to tell Cassandra what about their mother?

5. She praises Tom, mentioning that his only fault is what?

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