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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 31-40 dated January 14th, 1801 to January 21st, 1805.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jane was disappointed that Charles Fowle was not in attendance, but glad that her_____________, Tom Lefroy was there.
(a) "Italian friend."
(b) "French friend."
(c) "American friend."
(d) "Irish friend."

2. Jane praises her sister's ______________ writing in her last correspondence.
(a) Abstract.
(b) Dramatic.
(c) Comic.
(d) Beautiful.

3. Jane wishes she could cancel what for the summer?
(a) Her intended visits.
(b) Her dance lessons.
(c) Her work obligations.
(d) Her piano lessons.

4. Jane complains that people are ____________ in this neighborhood.
(a) Too poor and economical.
(b) Too dull and boring.
(c) Too rambunctious and fashion-forward.
(d) Too shy and conventional.

5. What happened to both Mrs. Coulthard and Anne?
(a) They both came for a visit.
(b) They both moved to America.
(c) They both died in childbirth.
(d) They both wrote books.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Jane been practicing her music instead of writing?

2. Jane is upset that Cassandra will not be doing what with their mother and herself?

3. The answer to number 27 is in reference to what book?

4. Jane and Mrs. Austen are currently in a house in Seymour Street, but Jane went with her uncle to look at two pleasing houses where?

5. Why does Cassandra need not worry about Penlingtons?

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