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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 141-150 dated June 25th, 1816 to January 24th, 1817.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jane writes Charles Thomas Haden to thank him for what?
(a) Reading her book.
(b) Editing her book.
(c) Publishing her book.
(d) Loaning her some books.

2. Jane spends Tuesday in Bentinck Street with the Cookes, but she is unable to call on Miss Beckford because of what reason?
(a) The wind.
(b) The snow.
(c) The heat.
(d) The rain.

3. Jane discusses the plans for moving ____________ with Cassandra and tells her that their aunt is happy about the Austens' moving.
(a) To Bath.
(b) To Berkhamsted.
(c) To Beckenham.
(d) To Barnsley.

4. Why does Anne give notice to discontinue her employment for the Austens?
(a) She will become a school mistress.
(b) She is engaged.
(c) She has found a new job.
(d) Her family is moving out of the country.

5. Jane generously allows Mary all of her former admirers for what reason?
(a) She is getting married.
(b) She means to confine herself exclusively to Tom Lefroy.
(c) She knows that Mary does not have any admirers.
(d) She does not like admirers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane sees Miss Chamberlayne perform _____________, which reminds her of Miss Lefroy's performance.

2. The apothecary believes that Edward did what?

3. Jane complains that people are ____________ in this neighborhood.

4. Jane is disappointed that Cassandra is doing what?

5. Jane hopes to see Cassandra soon, and praises James as what?

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