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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 91-100 dated October 11th, 1813 to March 21st, 1814.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jane writes her niece, Anna, and expresses her interest in the ______ family from Anna's novel, "Tarefield Abbey."
(a) Flint.
(b) James.
(c) Kerrington.
(d) Smith.

2. Egerton pays how much for "Pride and Prejudice?"
(a) Ten pounds.
(b) One hundred ten pounds.
(c) One thousand ten pounds.
(d) One hundred pounds.

3. Why does Jane not expect letters from Cassandra until she receives them?
(a) To avoid disappointment.
(b) Cassandra is often too busy to write.
(c) Jane forgets about Cassandra.
(d) Cassandra is not consistent about writing.

4. Jane jokes that she is "rather in love" with whom?
(a) Mr. Lexington.
(b) Mr. Livingston.
(c) Mr. Longston.
(d) Mr. Lushington.

5. Jane praises Eaton Stannard Barrett's "The Heroine" as being amusingly written in what style?
(a) The Radcliffe.
(b) The Goldsmith.
(c) The Evelyn.
(d) The Pepys.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane is happy when "Sense and Sensibility" is advertised and happy with Miss Sharpe's flattery that "Pride and Prejudice" is read where?

2. She is determined to raise money for what which is to be printed at her expense?

3. Jane is tired of writing and does not intend to write for how long?

4. Jane is happy with the recent publication of what?

5. Jane is thrilled with her and Cassandra's newest what?

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