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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters 121-130 dated October 17th, 1815 to December 11th, 1815.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jane writes to James Stanier Clarke, asking permission to do what?
(a) Have "Emma" published.
(b) Send him a copy of "Emma."
(c) Write another novel.
(d) Dedicate "Emma" to the prince regent.

2. Jane sees Miss Chamberlayne perform _____________, which reminds her of Miss Lefroy's performance.
(a) In an opera.
(b) In a play.
(c) In a ballet.
(d) On horseback.

3. Mr. John Murray, a London publisher, offers Jane how many pounds for "Emma" and the copyrights to "Mansfield Park" and "Sense and Sensibility?"
(a) One hundred fifty.
(b) Three hundred fifty.
(c) Four hundred fifty.
(d) Two hundred fifty.

4. She attends a party at the Cookes' but there is scarcely any what there?
(a) Wit.
(b) Friendship.
(c) Money.
(d) Talent.

5. Jane receives a pleasing visit from whom, but is disappointed when he does not arrive on schedule?
(a) Frank Austen.
(b) Cassandra Austen.
(c) Edward Knight.
(d) Henry Austen.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane stays at Goodnestone until Monday and hopes that Edward will fetch her for what reason?

2. She encourages Caroline to practice music but reminds her to do what?

3. She writes to Caroline Austen, apologizing that she has not yet done what?

4. Jane is thrilled with the praise that she hears about what novel from Lady Robert and Mr. Hastings?

5. Jane is pleased that __________________ of "Sense and Sensibility" sell.

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