Objects & Places from Jane Austen's Letters

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This is the village where the Austens lived and where Rev. George Austen was the rectory.


This is the Fowles' home which is situated across the river from Rev. John Craven.


This is the Bridges' small country home.


This is a marketing and manufacturing town which Jane and Cassandra Austen passed through several times on their journeys.

Godmersham Park

This is Edward Austen-Knight's main estate that he inherited from his distant cousin.


This is a fashionable inland spa city that many people visited to improve their health. The Austens retired and moved here, where they lived from 1801-1806.


This is the Bigg-Withers' home where Jane and Cassandra Austen visited frequently.


This is the Lloyds' home. Martha Lloyd remained living with her mother here after her marriage to Frank Austen.


This is the Bridges' home and the Austen sisters spent much...

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