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Jane Austen Novel

Read one of Jane's novel and write a summary and analysis for the book.

Jane Austen Movie

Watch a movie based on one of Jane's books. Write a critique on the movie.

Scene It Part 1

Working in a small group, create a script from one or more of Jane's letters.

Scene It Part 2

Take the script and rehearse it, adding blocking, costumes, and props.

Scene It Part 3

Record a performance of the script.

Scene It Part 4

Edit the recorded performance and add a soundtrack.

Red Carpet Premiere

Hold a premiere of each group's short film. Hold an award's ceremony, giving awards for Best Actor, Actress, Script, Sound, etc.

19th Century Dance

Bring in a guest instructor to give the students a lesson in popular dance of the 19th century.

19th Century Music

Listen to examples of music from the 19th century. Write an essay comparing...

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