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Short Answer Questions

1. What was one of Joyce's two main goals in 1909?

2. What did Joyce and Nora name their new daughter?

3. In 1912 Joyce sent Nora and Lucia on a trip to __________________.

4. From what disease did Joyce's mother die?

5. Who was the main character in Joyce's ULYSSES?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the nature of Joyce's work in the 1907-1909 period?

2. When was Joyce born and who had a strong influence on him as a boy?

3. What was Joyce's relationship like with his father and how many siblings did Joyce have?

4. What was always an important source of inspiration for Joyce's writing?

5. Describe Joyce's father, John's, young life in Ireland.

6. When did Joyce meet Nora Barnacle and what was she like?

7. What was Joyce's demeanor upon his move to Paris and what help did he continue to receive from friends?

8. How did Joyce's professional relationship with Yeats begin?

9. How were ULYSSES and EXILES received differently at this point in time?

10. Who agrees to publish Joyce's EXILES and ULYSSES in spite of mediocre reviews by Joyce's fellow writers?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the overall setting and time period for Joyce's childhood What was Ireland like during this time period? How important are the time period and setting to the attitudes and issues of Joyce, his family and friends?

Essay Topic 2

Ellmann was a master at dramatic devices. Choose an example of symbolism, metaphors, and irony, briefly describe them and identify the technique which they embody.

Essay Topic 3

The theme of struggling with personal identity is an important one in this book. Describe how it extends through setting, characters and issues and provide examples for each.

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