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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Joyce's father took special pride in the family's ______________________.
(a) Wealth.
(b) Red hair.
(c) Name.
(d) Coat of arms.

2. Who was Joyce's mother?
(a) Siobbhan.
(b) Patricia.
(c) May.
(d) Camille.

3. Joyce had physical problems with iritis and _________________.
(a) Sciatica.
(b) Epilepsy.
(c) Asthma.
(d) Heart palpitations.

4. Where is Joyce transferred when he is forced to leave the position in #41?
(a) London.
(b) New York.
(c) Trieste.
(d) Dublin.

5. Who was the main character in Joyce's ULYSSES?
(a) Peter Gallagher.
(b) Harold Sloane.
(c) Barry Connely.
(d) Leopold Bloom.

Short Answer Questions

1. Joyce briefly considered a career in _______________.

2. Which of Joyce's sisters came to live with him in Trieste?

3. Joyce is a name of ________________ origin.

4. Where did Joyce go when there was no position for him in Italy?

5. What expensive item did Joyce buy for Nora in Galway?

Short Essay Questions

1. When was Joyce born and who had a strong influence on him as a boy?

2. What was the source of a major break between Joyce and Nora in 1909 and what happened after he and Nora reconciled?

3. What was Joyce's relationship like with his father and how many siblings did Joyce have?

4. How did Joyce's professional relationship with Yeats begin?

5. Describe the salient points of Ellmann's explanation of Joyce's writing of "The Dead".

6. How did Joyce come to be in Pola in Yugoslavia and why did he eventually leave?

7. Describe Joyce's father, John's, young life in Ireland.

8. What type of writing did Joyce find interesting at this time and which author even sent Joyce a letter?

9. How was Joyce perceived in the literary community in Dublin in 1902?

10. What did Ellmann think were some of the inspirations for Joyce's novel ULYSSES?

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