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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the main character in Joyce's ULYSSES?
(a) Barry Connely.
(b) Leopold Bloom.
(c) Harold Sloane.
(d) Peter Gallagher.

2. From what disease did Joyce's mother die?
(a) Heart disease.
(b) Tuberculosis.
(c) Cancer.
(d) Lead poisoning.

3. Joyce had physical problems with iritis and _________________.
(a) Epilepsy.
(b) Heart palpitations.
(c) Sciatica.
(d) Asthma.

4. Who was the favorite child in the Joyce family?
(a) James.
(b) George.
(c) Stanislaus.
(d) Charles.

5. Joyce always had a talent for __________________.
(a) Painting.
(b) Writing.
(c) Singing.
(d) Playing the violin.

6. Which of Joyce's brothers died young?
(a) Patrick.
(b) Sean.
(c) George.
(d) Charles.

7. Who was the main character in the novel in #32?
(a) David Trimble.
(b) Stephen Hero.
(c) John Paulus.
(d) Michael Collins.

8. What did Joyce consider to be life's most important relationship?
(a) Between husband and wife.
(b) Between brothers.
(c) Between mother and child.
(d) Between father and son.

9. Which of the following is NOT true about Joyce's younger brother?
(a) He was determined.
(b) He was artistic.
(c) He was blunt.
(d) He was athletic.

10. Joyce wrote a review of a play written by _________________ and received a complimentary letter from the playwright himself.
(a) Ibsen.
(b) Yeats.
(c) Keats.
(d) Wilde.

11. Where is Joyce transferred when he is forced to leave the position in #41?
(a) New York.
(b) Trieste.
(c) Dublin.
(d) London.

12. What novel did Joyce begin to write in 1904?
(a) From Here to Eternity.
(b) Cheri and The Last of Cheri.
(c) Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
(d) For Whom the Bell Tolls.

13. Who was Joyce's father?
(a) Michael.
(b) Sean.
(c) Patrick.
(d) James.

14. Why did Joyce have trouble finding housing in Trieste?
(a) He wanted a waterfront flat.
(b) He could not afford the rent.
(c) He wanted something close to work.
(d) He and Nora were not married and she was pregnant.

15. Which one of Joyce's siblings worked with him at the school in Trieste?
(a) Stanislaus.
(b) Charles.
(c) Sean.
(d) George.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Joyce eventually return home from Paris?

2. Who was Joyce's younger brother?

3. The Joyces moved in with which family in Trieste?

4. When was Joyce's birthday?

5. Which of the following was NOT true about Joyce as a child?

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