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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five: Return to Zurich.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the United States, ULYSSES is pirated by a man named ____________________.
(a) Gerald Morrison.
(b) William Cohen.
(c) Edward Smith.
(d) Samuel Roth.

2. What did Joyce once do at the end of a play to publicize a theater?
(a) Performed a song and dance on stage.
(b) Distributed flyers.
(c) Walked the aisles with an advertising sandwich board.
(d) Stood up and declared the miraculous restoration of his eyesight.

3. Which surgery did Nora have in 1929?
(a) Hysterectomy.
(b) Glaucoma.
(c) Gallbladder removal.
(d) Knee repair.

4. Who was the main character in Joyce's ULYSSES?
(a) Barry Connely.
(b) Leopold Bloom.
(c) Peter Gallagher.
(d) Harold Sloane.

5. Who was Valery Larbaud?
(a) French translator.
(b) French university president.
(c) French writer.
(d) French chef.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1923, Giorgio got a job as a _________________.

2. Who was Joyce's mother?

3. With whom did the Joyce family share an apartment?

4. Prior to the war, many people began to leave ___________________.

5. Joyce's biography would also allow him to _________________________.

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