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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II: Pola, Rome, Trieste.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of Joyce's sisters came to live with him in Trieste?
(a) Rose.
(b) Eva.
(c) Maria.
(d) Siobbhan.

2. How did Joyce choose to deal with his troubles?
(a) He did drugs.
(b) He addressed them directly.
(c) He slept.
(d) He drank heavily.

3. In 1912 Joyce sent Nora and Lucia on a trip to __________________.
(a) England.
(b) America.
(c) China.
(d) Ireland.

4. Joyce is a name of ________________ origin.
(a) Irish.
(b) French.
(c) German.
(d) British.

5. Joyce could not attend school in the city in #25 because the school wants the fees right away and __________________.
(a) He does not have the academic credits.
(b) He is not a French citizen.
(c) His French is not good enough.
(d) He is too young.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which writer wrote to Joyce asking for some of Joyce's work to be included in an anthology?

2. Who was Joyce's younger brother?

3. Joyce was working on stories that would become which book?

4. Who was the favorite child in the Joyce family?

5. What was the name of the theater that Joyce established?

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